Top Voters for May (+April)

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Hello all,

Congratulations to our top voters for this month (+ last month as well). As we didn't manage to do the top voters for last month, we're giving increased rewards to the top 10 global voters for this month only! Here are our top 10 voters for this month (all servers):

Ranking | Name | Votes
1 Araebard 595
2 6Requiem9 569
3 Pers0na 543
4 PKhor 543
5 FindingWilly 524
6 Yxmmy 520
7 DefaultAlexSkin 509
8 DashTJH 483
9 owenlfc27 459
10 CupcakeFury 441

To the players whose names are in the list, a big congratulations to you! You may claim your reward by creating a ticket -new in our discord server and requesting it from me.

To everyone else, thank you for your continuous support for Ham5teak through voting! We hope you can continue doing so at

Lastly, from now on, all top voters will be per-server and only the top 3 voters will be rewarded. The top voter list will also be reset monthly as a large majority has voted for this change. This is effective from June 1, 2019

Have a nice summer break!



Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.