Top Voters for March 2019

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March has come to an end. This means its top voter time! Players who have been voting consistently will be rewarded with coupons which can be used to obtain free ranks and items at our webstore ( Being 100% honest here, we kinda screwed up our voting system around halfway through the month of March so votes between servers were not synced. Hence, we will be having top voters from both Skyblocks and Survival, just for this month only. Here are this month's top voters:

1. xenog3nic [$25]
2. FindingWilly [$20]
3. Yxmmy [$15]
4. Pers0na [$10]
5. MirChad [$5]

1. JaymzCS [$25]
2. GlassMaker [$20]
3. DefaultAlexSkin [$15]
4. DPKhor [$10]
5. Ganoss [$5]

For players whose names are mentioned above, please open a support ticket on our website, or let @Zenya4 know in our discord server so that you can claim your coupon. For more info on how to use a coupon, feel free to contact any of the server managers.

If you do not already know, voting for the server at daily can bring you awesome in-game rewards. Top voters also stand a chance to win ranks at the end of the month! You can vote once on each site, every day to achieve the maximum number of votes. Thank you for supporting the server!


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.