Top Voters for July

Hello everyone,

Today, we'll be releasing the top voters for July! These users have constantly been supporting us by voting and we're rewarding them by giving out free coupons which can be used at our donation store to buy free ranks or items! This happens every month after votes have been reset.

1. $25 coupon
2. $20 coupon
3. $15 coupon

1. Lovatte - 385 votes
2. Jelosaur - 314 votes
3. kyei - 313 votes

CreatureMaker - 304 votes
DefaultAlexSkin - 296 votes
IzayaIII - 294 votes

BenLamp - 306 votes
AwanMendung - 273 votes
X1OP - 248 votes

Creative is still in beta and Factions is not released yet so we will not be counting the votes on those servers for the time being. To all users mentioned in this post, please join our Discord server and create a support ticket there to claim your rewards