Top Voters for January (2019)

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Hello Ham5teak Community,

It has come to the end of the month, and it is time for us to reset player votes. Here are this month's winners:

1. HzKanon - 284 votes [$25 voucher]
2. ZeonZ - 280 votes [$20 voucher]
3. iGodX - 279 votes [$15 voucher]
4. Spazz - 251 votes [$10 voucher]
5. Benloti - 248 votes [$5 voucher]

The following users mentioned above have won coupons which can be used at our webstore ( ) to obtain free ranks and items. To claim the vouchers, simply contact us here or create a new ticket in our discord server regarding this. The list below contains honourable mentions to #6-#10. Better luck next time!

6. FindingWilly
7. AphasicCat
8. jcarrot
9. xenog3nic
10. ViteXniper

If you do not already know, voting for the server brings you cool in-game rewards and supports the server at the same time! Top voters also stand a chance to win ranks at the end of the month. Our voting page can be found here.


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.