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Jan 29, 2019
Hello everyone,

As all of you probably know, Ham5teak hasn't been doing that good in the past few months or so.
We lost a big part of our player base, partially due to Minecraft being less popular, but mostly because of mistakes that we made.
I want to deeply apologize for the mistakes that were made, but sadly enough we cannot undo them.

Change of ownership
@_Magician_ will now officially be taking over ownership of Ham5teak. As such, the rest of the staff team will remain under him. Behind the scenes, I've already discussed this with a few people but now it's also official. As I'm longer be part of the staff community in Ham5teak, my Discord DMs will now be open. I'd like to request that players not DM me for any server-specific issues as I won't be able to do anything about them.

One of the mistakes we made in the past was having a lack of updates and new servers for Ham5teak.
We always apprehended for a long time when Minecraft came up with new updates, which caused huge delays in between resets and server updates (for example this & previous Skyblocks release).

Personally I think it is impossible to know what the community wants for every server when you're resetting on your own. Which is why we've recently used heads mainly to maintain their server, shape resets & to stay up to date of what the community needs. However, this has proven to be only partially effective for some servers as the fate of the server really depends a lot on the competency and activity of the server head.

Another mistake we made was being overly strict on the playerbase and banning a large majority of the players.
In recent months, staff members have been banning a large majority of players, infringing players' privacy and specifically looking out for players to target and ban.
While a good server must also have reasonably strict staff members to prevent toxicity and hackers, we went a bit overboard in this area and I'd like to apologise for that.
Because of this, no one really felt a connection to them, nor Ham5teak community as much as before. This has resulted in old players leaving, and new players not staying

We will also be moving our focus towards more "survival-based" gamemodes such as Factions. This is because much of the community in Ham5teak requested for those servers (together with 1.15 servers). As such, we'll be working on Factions, along with another 1.15 Survival server which will consistently be updated together with Minecraft in the near future. After which, we'll also be releasing various minigames which are also an area of interest for the playerbase.

Concluding Remarks
Magician is a very capable person and I am sure that he will bring Ham5teak to greater heights. I'll now be working on other projects (both Minecraft and non-Minecraft). If you find me someplace else on another Discord server, good for you. I wish Ham5teak and its community all the best for its future!

Kind Regards,
Zenya4 AKA ßacon
Ham5teak Founder
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