Regarding ItalianNinja's Videos

Posted by _Magician_ on Discord:
ItalianNinjas Videos

Its pretty hard to respond to the videos, based on the statement at the end that I / Ham5teak will do everything to discredit the videos. So, instead, shall we take a moment and consider reality. A delicately planned strategy to utilise me, Ham5teak staff and you the players, to ultimately showboat to the anti - P2W community. Demonizing me, discrediting the entire staff of Ham5teak, and trying to destroy all the work we have created as a community.

So lets unpack the accusations, or some at least:

I play favourites? - Interesting, I am human, probably do – no where to the extent that was suggested. However, the structure of staff is designed to counter act that so no one can really play favourites. Even the Executive and high Staff have to explain their actions, we are all held accountable.

We are a p2w server? – a deep analysis shows a couple of areas that need to be resolved, but as a general rule, almost everything in shop is available ingame in some form, buying just means you don’t have to keep “renewing” the perk with tokens or ingame money (Wands as a preview item are an exception). We have been reviewed by Mojang, and it seems they are happy with the compromise between ingame and in store items.

The largest concern was with our use of Minecraft imagery in store, which we are in the process of redoing and reviewing.

I only care about the money – and “profits”, I regret to inform that if I were to live off the supposed “profits” on Ham5teak, or the entire High Staff team as has been suggested, we would all be a lot thinner, and living on the street! None of us are paid. A simple example for the maths experts between servers and paypal/stripe costs we spend $750 a month just keeping Ham5teak on the net.

The latest I have seen is me be portrayed as some international financial criminal mastermind, lets put that into perspective, total “profits” actually excess donations for Ham5teak for the last 12 months amount to $3,000 odd. All of which are held in reserves.

We could go on and on, the quotes used were all out of context, which makes a real difference as we all know, and some were confidential discussions, which were literally out of context, the next line, or the previous line would change the statement entirely.

I make the same offer here as I have made in staff, if you feel you want to discuss it, feel free to contact me, or any other member of the Executive.

:heart: u All
Stay Safe & Vote