People Of Ham5teak, How Did You Find Ham5teak


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Aug 30, 2019
first of all, good question! :D
I will tell you my story and maybe some details about myself.

So everyone who likes the short story:

I looked up "Best Skyblock server"
One day later I tried Ham5teak and I liked it...
So now at the moment, I'm absolutely new on this server but I'm pretty sure I will stay for a long time.
This was the short story ;D

Okay, you chose the long story.
I'll try to make it as understandable as possible.

Let's start at the beginning.
At the age of 10, I started playing Minecraft.
After some weeks of getting into this game, I started to play Minecraft Multiplayer.
Only a short period later I found Skyblock. This is where I got captivated.

So now 8 years later I'm still very into Skyblock and
a good friend asked me to play skyblock with him.
We joined a server and pretty early I thought:
Oh wow this is so boring on this server
Some days later we left this server, and we looked for another good server.
Surprise;D We thought we found one...
but who thought that? We didn't....
The skyblock we found, gets reset every single month... so we left this one again.

Again we were looking for another Server.
Back to the same Homepage ham5teak catched my eyes.

So after 8 years playing Minecraft skyblock and two servers who messed around with me, I had pretty clear thoughts about what I was looking for.
-no monthly reset
-not to big
-a friendly community
-good support
-no strict rules against redstone
-a nice forum

And last but not least
I found ham5teak

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