Greetings everyone,

As a form of costumes and a competition to go with it, we're going to allow for 2 weeks access to the /panimation command, ending around October 25th, when the permission runs out, that's also the end of the competition.

**__Rules/What's going on?__**
/panimation is a command that allows for custom particles to fly around you, and in general should work on all servers.

Players should post their MC Username, a screenshot/gif/video of the panimation, and the code they used for the panimation.

Everyone (including players) can judge the panimation with reactions that signify if they like it or don't like it.

Keep it clean, be nice to each other, no regular chatting here unless you're discussing how to use the panimation, but if we need to make another channel just for that we will so we can keep this one just for submissions.

Don't use this to obstruct/hinder each other or cause problems. Don't abuse this that you're lowering other people's playing experiences. If this gets out of hand, we reserve the right to remove the permission completely and cancel the competition.

At this moment I don't have any specifically planned as it depends on a few things. If we have a lot of players joining in, submitting, enjoying themselves, the more likelihood of more and better prizes. If we get some good submissions, I'm thinking of allowing players to be able to use them after the competition any time as a special item that can be obtained in ways that are currently TBD. This post (in #panimation-competition will updated when we figure out what prizes we'll be giving.

**__How to use panimation?__**
/panimation {variableExpresion}
For a detailed explanation of what you should use, look below. Note, if you start a panimation, it won't stop if you start another, so if you set a really long duration, you'd need to go to another server and come back.

Some of the CMI features uses particles which can be changed in config file. Each particle is defined with one line and no spaces. Multiple variables can be used if more complex results is needed.

Variables should be separated with ; In example circle;effect:heart;dur:0.5
Possible variables for circle as follows:

ef can be used for shorter code

Particle effect name should be defined. In example ef:flying_glyph

fireworks_spark, crit, magic_crit, potion_swirl, potion_swirl_transparent, spell, instant_spell, witch_magic, note, portal, flying_glyph, flame, lava_pop, footstep, splash, particle_smoke, explosion_huge, explosion_large, explosion, void_fog, small_smoke, cloud, coloured_dust, snowball_break, waterdrip, lavadrip, snow_shovel, slime, heart, villager_thundercloud, happy_villager, large_smoke, water_bubble, water_wake, suspended, barrier, mob_appearance, end_rod, damage_indicator, sweep_attack, totem, spit, squid_ink, bubble_pop, current_down, bubble_column_up, nautilus, dolphin, water_splash, campfire_signal_smoke, campfire_cosy_smoke, falling_dust, sneeze, composter, flash, falling_lava, landing_lava, falling_water, dripping_honey, falling_honey, landing_honey, falling_nectar, soul_fire_flame, ash, crimson_spore, warped_spore, soul, dripping_obsidian_tear, falling_obsidian_tear, landing_obsidian_tear, reverse_portal, white_ash

ct can be used for shorter code

Player name or location should be provided. In example: ct:Zrips ct:LT_Craft,15,256,21

r can be used for shorter code

Defines circle radius. For decimal value use . instead of , In example: r:1.2

Defines that particle should stay in one place and avoid following player if player was defined as source of location. This doesn’t require any extra variable and should be used as circle;effect:heart;center:Zrips;fixed

rc can be used for shorter code

Changes radius of circle with each tick. rc:0.1 will increase radius by 0.1 with each tick and rc:-0.1 will decrease radius by 0.1 Particle effect will stop at moment radius goes belove 0

dur can be used for shorter code

Defines time in seconds to keep that particle effect shown. This can be used to make fail safe in case particle keeps playing or make it defined length if you need to show short effect. Default time is 5 seonds.

Usage: dur:1.5 which will show particle for 1.5 seconds

mr can be used for shorter code

Defines max radius for circle. If its reaches this threshold then it will stop playing. Default value is 2

usage: mr:5

off can be used for shorter code

Defines offset from center location. This can be used to start particle showing not at players location by above his head if needed.

Usage: off:0,1.5,0 off:0,-1,0

Moves center point. This can be defined as vector or as target player look direction with optional speed value.

Usage: move:0,0.1,0 which will move particles up by Y and by 0.1 blocks each tick move:Zrips will move particles at direction Zrips is looking at. move:Zrips,0.1 will move particles at direction Zrips is looking at and at 0.1 blocks per tick speed.

maxd or mmdist can be used for shorter code

Defines max distance particle can travel from origin location. Can help out to limit particles going forever to some direction.

Usage: maxd:5.2

twist can be used for shorter code

This forces particles to rotate around its axis. Can achieve interesting effects. Doesn’t require any extra value.

part can be used for shorter code

Defines count of particles in one circle

Usage: part:3

Defines circle pitch. This could be used to turn circle to one or another side if needed. Value if from 0 up to 180. Player name can be used to take his pitch as value.

Usage: pitch:152 pitch:Zrips

Defines circle yaw. This could be used to turn circle to one or another side if needed. Value if from 0 up to 180. Player name can be used to take his yaw as value.

Usage: yaw:152 yaw:Zrips

pitchc can be used for shorter code

Changes pitch by defined amount. Allows to create rotating circles effect.

Usage: pitchc:5

yawc can be used for shorter code

Changes yaw by defined amount. Allows to create rotating circles effect.

Usage: yawc:5

fdir can be used for shorter code

Pitch and yaw will be updated by target players yaw and pitch if player is defined. No extra variable is needed

c can be used for shorter code

Defines particle color is that particle can be colorized.
Couple different variations can be used:
[r],[g], – defines color by basic red green and blue colors number which range from 0 up to 255
Hex color code is supported like {#6600cc} or {#red}
r – will make colors to change constantly and cycle throw every possible one
rs – will rainbow colors depending on pitch and yaw from center location
rfs – colorizes particles depending on distance from start position

Usage: c:100,250,10 c:r c:rs c:rfs

/panimation circle;effect:flying_glyph;yaw:[playerName];pitch:[playerName];r:0.1;part:3;rc:0.03;mr:1;twist;off:0,2.5,0;target:[playerName]
/panimation circle;effect:heart;dur:0.1;part:1;offset:0,1.7,0;radius:0.3;target:[playerName]
/panimation circle;effect:flying_glyph;dur:5;pitchc:15;part:10;offset:0,1.7,0;radius:0.5;yawc:12;color:rs;pitch:90;target:[playerName]
/panimation circle;c:0,255,0;twist;part:5;r:0.75;pitch:90;move:0,0.1,0;rc:-0.02;target:[playerName]
/panimation circle;c:200,50,210;twist;part:5;r:0.5;pitch:90;move:0,0.33,0;offset:0,-0.2,0;target:[playerName]
/panimation circle;effect:reddust;dur:5;pitchc:5;part:10;offset:0,1,0;radius:1;yawc:5;color:rs;target:[playerName]