Sep 12, 2019
The next commonest are the skin complications. always lean keto Diabetics are more prone to skin infections. They also are prone to suppuration and non-healing of wounds which can later lead to gangrene or cellulitis. Fungal infections are also common. Nails are also affected easily and may catch infections.The commonest are the situations where the blood sugar levels or blood glucose levels are reduced or lowered below critical levels. This can lead to Diabetic Keto acidosis. This is very dangerous and needs immediate real slim keto hospitalization.Diabetes is a multi-system disorder and very dangerous if left untreated or maltreated. Every diabetic should be aware of the diabetes complications and should be counseled to watch out for any of these complications.What is the best type of cardio? The best type of cardio is something that fits your goals. You need to know what your goal is in order to do the correct cardio.Remember, cardio is actually a catabolic exercise as it breaks down muscle. Make sure to consume a protein shake after a cardio workout. Your heart is a muscle as well and it needs to recover just like any other muscle.