Ham5teak 2nd Anniversary Speech [18 July 2019]

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Hello everyone,

Today we celebrate the official anniversary of Ham5teak! Now, get ready for a really long speech that you will most likely not want to read.

Early Beginnings
Our server started back in 18 July 2017, when some kid decided, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to just start a Minecraft server?". Of course, we had no money back then so we asked around, and this really nice person called Nelly decided to loan us a server for free on the condition that we start paying back once we become self-sustaining (donations).

We had 3 months. It wasn't easy, really, but we eventually made it! $10/month in donations after 3 months was a huge achievement considering how our entire playerbase consisted of only about 4 players at any one time. Back then, Survival and Skyblocks were merged together and it was all pretty messy. We had a decent developer (not Reinassance at that time), and a few good staff members like Reflxction.

The Middle Ages
Well, this part is kinda long. Very long, actually. I'll just skip a lot of details and miss out many key events because of this. The following list may not be in chronological order because I will be recalling all this from memory to the best of my abilities:

1. Survival and Skyblocks got separated into 2 different servers (they were originally merged)
2. Our first Admin, Zyton, got demoted. Our first developer, (I forgot his name), resigned
3. The first generation of OG players like Krati, papamatty, uski12, ... and a few others came to settle on Ham5teak
4. Krati got banned on 29 July 2018. We will be revealing the full story on 29 July 2019 so stay tuned!
5. We moved to another managed host in Germany called "PebbleHost" because they offered better prices. However, it was laggy and horrible
6. As such, we moved back to Nelly's hosting company, learning a thing or two along the way
7. The 2nd generation of OG people like Ganoss, Kanon, Magician, xMinalinsky, meryseow, kambangS, Pope_Francis... and so many others whose names I forgot came to settle
8. We moved to a Singapore node on Nelly's hosting company
9. God sent us Reinassance. It was a really funny story of how he got into the Ham5teak development team, but I'll leave that for another day
10. Some other developer (not Reinassance) from the hosting company abused his authority to steal our plugins and configs to claim them as their own, which got me really pissed
11. We moved to Singapore, unmanaged(ish) hosting
12. We did a full reset for Skyblocks and a partial reset for Survival before updating the server to 1.13.2
13. Many members of the staff team at that time became corrupted which led to a mass demotion. New people were recruited (3rd-generation staff team now), and some loyal ones from generation 2 remained
13. The Skyblocks server died for a while in terms of player count (like 3 players online, compared to Survival's 20 at that time). With much effort, Magician eventually revived it
14. We released Factions & Prison. Then they both got shut down because of a lack of popularity
15. The idea of server heads became reality and each server was managed by one or two heads
16. It was a good decision because this led to the exponential growth of Ham5teak
17. We tried re-releasing Factions under Kanon but it failed because of a major flaw with the plugin we chose
17. We got many new machines and did major upgrades to existing infrastructure
18. Prison was re-released under Reinassance and Shadorunce
19. Reinassance left so we no longer have any developers, yet again
20. That's basically all I can remember!

Ah yes, that was pretty long. If I didn't include something, it was probably insignificant to me or I just forgot about it. Thank god I don't have to type all that again until next year.

If you ask me, [7] probably the best era on Ham5teak. There's the good, there's the bad. Our community was smaller but very closely-knit so everybody at that time knew each other very well. We could basically do stuff like this cause CE 1.0 had exploding snowballs, and lag was pretty much non-existent on the network.

Note that I use "Now" and not "The End", because there's still much potential for Ham5teak to grow.

Our playerbase is now well over a thousand players, with more than 100 concurrent players at any one time. From [Early Beginnings], that's a rather huge achievement, if you ask me. Our playerbase is huge but friendly; Our staff team is really awesome, and the staff management team is simply amazing.

To be honest, I really didn't expect Ham5teak to grow to become such a huge network when we just started. Heck, I even thought of selling it or starting another project quite a few times! Thankfully, people talked me out of it.

Our growth was, of course, thanks to the help of all the players and staff members past and present, and even those who were banned or demoted. We really couldn't have become what we are today if not for them. With that, I shall now conclude my speech. I wish Ham5teak a bright future ahead. Enjoy the events planned out for this month!



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