[Format] Ban Appeals

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Jan 29, 2019
If you were permanently banned on Ham5teak, and would like to make a ban appeal, here is how you should format it.

Formatting your ban appeal incorrectly may result in your ban appeal being ignored. You can only appeal your ban one time. Meaning, if you get banned again in the future, you will not be able to make another ban appeal here (permanent). If your appeal gets rejected, please review it and try to be more specific. Remember that having good manners always helps.


Ingame Username: ...

Who banned you: ...

Why were you banned: ...

Why we should unban you: ...

Make your ban appeal here. If you did the appeal properly and honestly, it will most likely get accepted. Good luck.

EDIT: You can only make appeals for permanent bans and mutes. Appeals for a temporary one (less than a week) will be ignored. Bans can be checked here
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