a meme forum, therapist for magician or neither

we want a meme form, a therapist for magician or neither

  • a therapist forum to help magician

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  • or neither you boomer

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Feb 5, 2020
MO, kansas city, liberty
im going on a strike. THERE IS NO MEME FORM, some of us cant use discord because of boomers and there laws, we say no to that we dont need boomers in these parks. so we need a meme channel but what types of memes are there going to be *gasp*, thats right what type. thats why i posted this we need to find out what we need. ik theres going to be people like (ok zoomer but this is a form page were people can get help) well you see then why is there a GENERAL page *gasp again* ya thats right. also ill post another one if a meme page wins to see what memes you guys want

or do we want a therapist for _magician_

and again OR do we want to have neither

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