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    hi sevenseasarmy
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    Can we have /ah

    pshop has dat 2 have u seen it?
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    Invisible spiders?

    oh umm that's rare
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    book and quill reset

    its to prevent the book ban & stuff u can do with books that aren't intentional i think
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    Can we have /ah

    its called pshop & you can open it with /pshop
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    Another Suggestion For Prison

    i think the should add a new thing to the token shop for pickaxe energy like 2 tokens for 200 pickaxe energy
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    ok they cleared my inventory so imma delete this
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    I was copying books in creative and the wrote stuff in it then put shulkers of it in the chest to make a screenshot but I got book banned when I got the chest filled with the books btw my in-game name is xX_Error_Sans_Xx