Voting Sites

A list of voting sites for Ham5teak

Hey Ham5teak Players!

Help the server by voting at these sites. Vote for cool in-game rewards! Current rewards are:
- $200 in-game currency (/bal)
- 6 MCMMO Credits (/redeem)
- 2 Token (/tokens).

Top voters also stand a chance to win in-game ranks! Voting for us also helps the server gain a good reputation on various vote sites and will increase our player count. So what are you waiting for? Vote now to help yourself and the server!

Voting sites:
- Site 1
- Site 2
- Site 3
- Site 4
- Site 5
- Site 6
- Site 7
- Site 8

Alternatively, if you are online in the Minecraft server, you can use the command /vote to find a full list of voting sites. This list and the in-game list are frequently synced and updated so you don't have to worry about missing out.

NOTE: Remember that you must put your in-game Minecraft name in the box provided when voting in order to get in-game rewards. You may also be prompted for a CAPTCHA to prove that you are human - follow its instructions. If you've tried multiple times but cannot solve it, skip to the next vote link. You may vote once every 24 hours, for each site.