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Greetings everyone,

As a form of costumes and a competition to go with it, we're going to allow for 2 weeks access to the /panimation command, ending around October 25th, when the permission runs out, that's also the end of the competition.

**__Rules/What's going on?__**
/panimation is a command that allows for custom particles to fly around you, and in general should work on all servers.

Players should post their MC Username, a screenshot/gif/video of the panimation, and the code they used for the panimation.

Everyone (including players) can judge the panimation with reactions that signify if they like it or don't like it.

Keep it clean, be nice to each other, no regular chatting here unless you're discussing how to use the panimation, but if we need to make another channel just for that we will so we can keep this one just for submissions.

Don't use this to obstruct/hinder each other or cause problems. Don't abuse this that you're lowering other...